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“In Her Element”- for 10 Years of Pop Up

I am very proud to have been asked by Dylan Calder, founder of the charity Pop Up, to contribute to his celebration of 10 years of Pop Up. This charity not only takes “real life” authors into schools, but also gives each child the book which the author has come in to talk about. To celebrate this anniversary, Dylan asked 10, writers, 10 illustrators, and 10 publishers to collaborate in producing a story each about “Difference”.

My story is called In Her Element gorgeously illustrated by new, but hugely talented Jacinta Read, and edited by Liz Bankes of Farshore HarperCollins. It is about a nonverbal paraplegic girl, called Sophie, who fantasises about being a whale, but who is learning to live in the real world and make a real friend. 

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