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Jamila Gavin awarded an MBE

Jamila has been awarded an MBE for her services to Children’s Literature. See below an excerpt from the London Gazette. For more details, click here. Central Chancery of the Orders of Knighthood St. James’s Palace, London SW1 15 June 2024

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‘Coram Boy’ at Chichester Festival Theatre

I love hearing of productions of “Coram Boy being underway” – whether in school halls – or theatres in all sorts of far-flung places. Now another, this time in Chichester, at the prestigious Chichester Festival Theatre. Every production I’ve seen

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The Next & The Next

Being called a butterfly is often a derogatory term. It implies you flit about, unable to stick at anything. But the fact that my life has been all about flitting around, hasn’t made me feel a failure. It has made

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Q&A on Writing hosted by Helen Morley

Q:  Why did you start writing? A: Because I felt I had something to say. I was especially concerned at the lack of diversity in children’s literature – starting at the earliest age, and I felt that with my Anglo-Indian

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